We create a space to gathers and celebrate running culture. We organize workshops and creative talks at La Montgolfiere Social Sport Club with speakers that share our values and vision of the culture of running.

Special thanks to

  • Basile Lombard-Latune, CEO & Co-Founder @ La Montgolfière
  • Charles Alf Lafon, Journalist @ Society Officiel
  • Erik Arlen, Footwear Designer @ Nike
  • François Chas, Architect @ NP2F
  • Lionel Jagorel, Store Manager @ Distance
  • Yves Moreau, Architect @ Studio Muoto
  • Laurent Perbos, Artist
  • Julien Soulier, Co-Founder @ Sport Étude Magazine
  • Sébastien Varlet, freerider (last movie « Lost in Georgia »)

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