The club

A friend from Switzerland wrote a description about the club that we could never hope to match, so we’ll let her words speak for us:

“The MRC Paris is a welcoming but exclusive group. It has a very specific philosophy that all MRC runners all subscribe to. One that’s about sharing the right energy and experiences with one another in a close-knit group – not something guaranteed by many of today’s mass-marketed crews. From carefully curated communications with members to hosting presentations from visionary speakers, the MRC is not like other running clubs. But make no mistake, at the heart remains a love of running, racing and improving – as athletes and people.”

Are you a brand or an agency?

We have the right people on the team and elements in-house to handle your events and projects from start to finish. Our club could help you in every step of the process, from trend analysis, to creative design and operations. We bring not only our passion, but also our network of runners, which help us to successfully imagine something completely new.

What we do? We create cool stories and invent ways for runners and brands to comfortably exist and excel in the same space, at the same pace. You will be in contact directly with our team - there is no middleman, everybody saves time.